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believe that books are not things you can grow out of - like shoes or clothes. Once you have read them as a child, they stay with you for the rest of your life. If, like me, you still haven’t grown out of your childhoods’ books, this website is for you.

My texts published here are not only made of memories of the first books we read „when we were young”. I also try to look at these books as an adult. Especially since I am the mother of a 3-year-old reader.


Covered here are such diverse matters as sad books for children, the life of Edward Lear, childrens’ literature of the British Empire. You can learn about „THAT Book”, „Wendy Darling” or even „The Things You Wouldn’t Like To Know About Your Favourite Children Book Authors”.

Also to be found here are essays on childrens’ literature written by guest writers, our friends and acquaintances.

Sadly to you, dear english-speaking reader, all of them are written in polish, and - though I would very much like to see them translated and thus available to everyone, I prefer to write new texts rather than to translate old ones.


You can also find here a gallery of children book illustrations, which serves as a companion to the texts. The images there are pictures I know from the books I had in my childhood and, as the books themselves, they have a great emotional value to me...